ViZn Energy Systems Announces Strategic Alliance with WeView Energy to Enter China

COLUMBIA FALLS, Montana – January 9th, 2018 – ViZn Energy Systems, Inc. (“ViZn”) announced today that the company entered into a strategic alliance with WeView Energy that includes a minority equity investment, a China licensing agreement, and a mutual commitment to exclusively pursue the China utility scale storage market with ViZn technology.

WeView Energy Systems is a four-way joint venture between Hasen Electric, Shanghai Lingxin (controlled by Jingyi Electrical), Intelion and Jiangxi Lelai.  WeView is a strategic partner with PowerChina’s wholly owned subsidiary Jiangxi Electric Power Construction Corporation (PowerChina JEPCC). PowerChina is a state-owned enterprise with 2017 revenues exceeding$53 billion.  Together, the local partners bring together engineering, manufacturing, service and construction capabilities for the growing China market.

“We have been looking for game-changing technology like ViZn’s for a long time. Every year, PowerChina builds gigawatts of renewable energy projects, all of which require a reliable, 20-year, energy storage solution.” said WeView President, Ms. Ge Yuhua. “PowerChina JEPCC’s design institute has been working with the ViZn and WeView teams to prepare for the China sited demonstration projects in China.”

The partners behind WeView bring deep reach into their national market. Hasen Electric and Jingyi Electrical are each leading manufacturers of utility scale power conversion equipment and switchgear.  Intelion specializes in development of state-of-the-art green technologies and renewable projects globally. PowerChina JEPCC is an integral part of PowerChina, the Fortune 200 company, which has executed over 1100 major infrastructure projects in 110 countries and is ranked #6 by ENR in terms of global international contractors.

“The ViZn product is uniquely suited to support the integration of the thousands of gigawatts ofnew wind and solar power to be installed globally over the coming decades,” said ViZn CEO John Lowell.  “ViZn went looking for a strong set of partners to access one of the largestpotential markets in the world for grid scale storage. We are convinced that WeView gives us the best chance for future success in China.”

ViZn Energy’s flow batteries experience zero capacity fade over 20 years and are warranted for up to two cycles per day, giving them significantly more usable output than competitive batteries. The
zinc-iron chemistry uses globally abundant materials and is non-flammable, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable at the end of its life.