Storing and Delivering Tomorrows Energy – Today

The Prospects for Grid Scale Energy Storage

Executive Summary

The economic engine of the United States uses over 40 quadrillion BTUs of energy per year, with only a small part of this being supplied by renewable energy sources (RES). The low rate of adoption of RES’s is largely due to under-utilization of these energy sources caused by the highly variable power capability (sunlight for PV and wind currents for turbines) and a misalignment of that power capability with demand.

A solution to this problem is large-scale energy storage, which will allow RESs to store energy locally during peak generating periods and then reliably deliver stored energy on demand. These energy storage solutions must be safe, environmentally benign, efficient, use materials that are available to meet the total demand for the technologies, and provide the lowest cost alternative. ViZn Energy’s Zinc – Iron Flow Battery uniquely meets these requirements and offers safe, efficient, reliable and affordable grid-scale energy storage solutions.

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