ViZn Energy Systems, Inc. Launches Large Scale Energy Storage Battery for Micro-Grid Market

Zinc Redox Flow Battery is Capable of 10,000 Cycles and 20 Plus Year Lifespan

Columbia Falls, MT – September 17, 2013 – What is the key to effectively utilizing alternative energy sources such as wind and solar? Safe and inexpensive storage. Today the industry moves one giant step closer to solving the world’s energy limitation as ViZn Energy Systems, Inc. (formerly Zinc Air, Inc.) starts manufacturing its new Zinc Redox Flow Battery for customer pre-orders in the US and Europe.

ViZn’s Z20 160 kWh Zinc Redox Flow Battery is one of the most cost-effective and safe energy flow batteries on the market capable of providing scalable storage systems for the growing micro-grid markets and renewable integration.   “Right now more than 50 percent of all power generated is wasted before it ever gets to the end user,” explains Craig Wilkins, ViZn Energy Systems, Inc., President and CEO. “Storage batteries like our flow battery could help eliminate the billions of dollars of wasted energy each year. The impact this could have on the world is tremendous. It is understandable why the global smart grid market is expected to cumulatively surpass 400 billion dollars worldwide by 2020, according to a recent report by GTM Research.”

With more than fifteen years of research and intense product development cycles behind it, ViZn’s patented flow-battery technology breaks the cost/benefit threshold that is currently limiting widespread adoption of storage. Delivering a 1MW /2.5MWh battery system at lower pricing than current competition allows for more rapid industry adoption, wider commercial acceptance, and greater reduction of fossil fuel carbon emissions. ViZn’s Zinc Redox Flow Battery has overcome the key obstacles faced within the industry with an inventive use of materials and chemistry to provide a solution that is:

Cost Effective: ViZn implements low-cost chemistry, construction materials, and manufacturing processes that provide the foundation for a cost-effective system. In a micro-grid application, the ViZn battery system teamed with renewable generation can provide 20 percent annual returns over diesel-only generation.

  • Safe: ViZn’s battery is intrinsically safe with chemistry used in food-grade material that is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-toxic.
  • Scalable: ViZn’s Zinc Redox Flow Battery has the ability to scale to hundreds of Megawatts.
  • Reliable: ViZn’s Zinc Redox Flow Battery is estimated to have a 20 plus year lifespan.
  • Sustainable: ViZn’sZinc Redox Flow Battery is composed of widely abundant and low cost materials.

“ViZn’s Zinc Redox technology has been designed to provide economical value by optimizing the balance between power and capacity. Our battery can provide power services such as renewable integration, regulation and ramping, while having enough energy capacity to economically provide load shifting and energy arbitrage,” said John Lowell, ViZn Energy Systems, Inc. COO and VP of Manufacturing and Product Development. “In addition, the 20 year life and safe operation of our battery separate us from other competing technologies.”



ViZn Energy Systems, Inc. is taking orders for the Z20 160 kWh Zinc Flow Batteries now with volume manufacturing ramping up in Q2 of 2014.
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