Our energy storage solutions uniquely meet the diverse power and energy needs for even the world’s most critical applications.  Our goal is to provide economics that deliver greater value than our competition. We lead on both performance and value.  And we do so with the safest, non-toxic technology in the market today. Our solution has also been designed to completely mitigate the fire, health and environmental risks associated with other battery technologies.

Utility T&D

One battery simultaneously delivers: frequency response, peak shift, T&D deferral, capacity firming, and load following.


Utility Scale Wind & Solar

Expand capacity on each site’s fixed interconnection power limit. Increase value by enabling time-shifting, capacity firming, and enhanced grid integration.



Increased resiliency for domestic and forward-deployed bases. Mission critical energy on demand.



Deploy dependable solar and storage to displace diesel. A reliable path to significant savings.


Commercial and Industrial

Minimize demand charges and optimize your TOU bill while increasing PV self-consumption. Harness backup power and potential utility payments for ancillary services.


Public Sector

Reduce emissions, increase reliability and save on fuel at government, school and hospital facilities.