Mining is energy intensive and typically occurs in remote locations disconnected from the grid. Diesel fuel and generators are most often deployed to supply the critical electricity required to harvest and process the extracted materials. Diesel supply lines are often long and fuel theft is a constant concern. Fuel supply economics, coupled with generator downtime production losses, negatively contribute to the cost of operations.

Locating a cost effective energy storage system in the field, along with solar, can reduce diesel consumption by over 90% and can help to ensure security of supply in the case of a diesel generator failure. Additionally, converting your mining operation to run mainly on solar will certainly go a long way to help with regional community relations.

The team at ViZn Energy spent the last eight years perfecting our unique battery to be deployed into demanding environments and operate across the 20-year life of the system. Unlike some of the currently popular battery technology, our systems can be deployed without worry in ecologically sensitive areas and near critical mining infrastructure because it runs on a safe chemistry that is non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-explosive.

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