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The growing demand for an efficient, safe, and reliable energy storage battery in the renewable energy space is clear, ViZn Energy developed the world’s first ever, cost-effective, alkaline-based flow battery, which effectively satisfies customer requirements. Its patented technology ensures the optimum storage of energy and guarantees a lifespan of 20-plus years. The highly scalable nature, combined with the use of non-toxic and low-cost materials available in abundance, as well as its compliance with the environmental safety, places the company at the forefront of technological innovation.

The Zinc/iron redox battery provides superior safety, durability and performance at a price that breaks the threshold for widespread market acceptance and deployment.   Key differentiators lie in its safety, abundance of core raw materials, simplicity of design, and the unique and robust nature of ViZn chemistry which provides a 20-year life expectancy.


•Peak shaving
•Frequency regulation
•Ancillary services
•Load shifting

•Renewables firming
•Backup power systems
•Deferment of Transmission
•Integrated systems
•VAR support