Safe – Reliable – Cost Effective

GS200 1MW

ViZn Energy has developed the world’s first safe, clean, reliable and cost effective grid storage battery. ViZn implements low-cost, non-acid Zinc/Iron chemistry enabling manufacturing with inexpensive construction materials.  The battery stacks are molded construction with proprietary elements that have overcome the shunt issues historically afflicting flow batteries.

ViZn’s two primary products are targeted at the C&I, utility and micro-grid market.  The Z20 is a 80kw/160kwh system housed in a 20ft shipping container.  The GS200 is a building block of the ViZn 1MW assembly using five 20ft shipping containers providing 3MWh of energy. The ZAC is an integrated storage unit with grid tie hardware for installation simplicity.


•Peak shaving
•Frequency regulation
•Ancillary services
•Load shifting

•Renewables firming
•Backup power systems
•Deferment of Transmission
•Integrated systems
•VAR support