Why It’s Better

ViZn System’s flow batteries are self-contained, modular storage system delivering the most cost-effective and safest energy storage in a format that scales easily from 50 kW to 100 MW. We employ the most efficient and worry-free non-acid chemistry available today to yield a solution that is inherently non-toxic, non-explosive and non-flammable.

    • High power, short duration: Millisecond switching between charge and discharge cycles enables rapid- response applications such as demand charge reduction and wholesale grid regulation services.
    • High capacity, long duration: More than 8 hours discharge at nominal rated power output, and up to 4 hours continuous discharge at maximum rated power output.
    • State of charge access: Access to full capacity of the battery (100% state of charge) without damage, enabling more usable output than competitive batteries.
    • Heavy duty cycle: Cycle for more than 20-years at high frequency and at high power several times per day without degradation, cell replacement or life reduction.
    • Safety: Non-toxic, non-explosive and non-flammable materials that do not pose a risk to people, communities or the environment.
    • Efficiency: No HVAC for regulating internal temperatures results in competitive “all-in” round trip efficiency with nearly all commercially available energy storage systems.