The ViZn Energy Storage System is an award winning flow battery utilizing a unique alkaline electrolyte using abundant and cost effective materials assuring low first-cost, operational savings and unmatched value.

Energy & Power

The ViZn battery provides flexibility for both power and capacity needs. High power output is sized to match your requirements with superior cost, capacity, and cycle life guarantees. No thermal runaway even at high duty cycles. The ability to use 100% of the SOC at both high power and high capacity make the ViZn flow battery the best value in C&I, grid scale and micro-grid applications.


ViZn has commercialized the safest flow battery available. Alkaline electrolyte eliminates hazardous acids and the ionic transfer medium is non-toxic zinc and iron which eliminates heavy metal and toxic components. ViZn systems are inherently non-flammable without the added cost of HVAC and safety systems. Science and technology built the markets safest storage system.


Economic value is considered at every stage of development and engineering. ViZn built on the initial design from the DOE funded program to create a safe and inexpensive stationary storage. ViZn development of a robust 20 year industrial battery based on alkaline electrolyte with zinc and iron for low cost installation, materials of construction, maintenance and end of life.