ViZn Energy Systems and Alpha Energy Announce Partnership to Use Zinc Redox Technology for Turnkey Energy Storage Solutions

AUSTIN, Texas – July 11, 2016 – ViZn Energy Systems Inc. (ViZn), a leading provider of zinc and iron chemistry-based flow battery energy storage systems for utilities and microgrids, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Alpha Energy to offer turnkey energy storage solutions for large behind-the-meter, grid edge, and utility-scale front-of-the-meter applications. This alliance of energy storage leaders will also be able to address the rapidly expanding solar+storage market that is expected to attract $250 billion of total investment by 2040 according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

“ViZn Energy has engineered a very versatile flow battery that is able to perform both high power and long duration applications,” said Tom Bowker, Alpha Energy’s Director of Business Development. “Their unique, robust system can scale up from less than 100kW to over 100MW and its 20-year expected lifetime will provide competitive ROI, making it a great fit for renewable energy projects that combine energy storage with solar, wind, or both. As we strategically focus on EPC in the energy storage market, having a partner like ViZn Energy will be quite valuable to us.”

Alpha Energy – a member of The Alpha Group – focuses on utilizing Alpha Group’s powering expertise to meet power demands in utility, commercial, and remote sectors. Alpha, with more than 40 years of industry experience, is a vertically integrated, market-leading developer of turnkey renewable energy solutions including engineering, procurement, construction services, battery management expertise, and project financing alignment. Their full-service approach to energy storage aligns perfectly with ViZn Energy’s ability to stack applications via their multi-purpose stationary storage system. As part of their partnership with ViZn, Alpha will market and deploy a complete solution, including the battery, power conversion system and controls, integration and installation, project finance alignment, and ongoing asset management.

“We spent considerable time researching potential partners to create a turnkey energy storage system that can be easily commissioned and executed in the field,” said David Mintzer, Vice President of Business Development at ViZn Energy. “Alpha Energy’s long track record of successful energy deployments that supply industrial-grade power solutions made them a natural choice to work with as we target the North American, European, and Latin American/Caribbean markets.”

ViZn’s flow battery technology utilizes a non-toxic, low cost zinc and iron chemistry that aids steady and safe operation. Their systems are capable of performing both high-power (with one of the fastest charge and discharge responses on the market) and long-duration capabilities while also offering low O&M, allowing end users to incorporate multiple value streams and realize more favorable payback periods than other energy storage technologies on the market. ViZn is currently building the largest flow battery in North America and is on track to be the largest global producer of flow batteries by the end of the year.

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