ViZn Energy Systems and The Ryan Company Announce Strategic Partnership

Zinc redox technology to be used for utility & commercial scale solar+storage

AUSTIN, Texas and GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – September 12, 2016 – ViZn Energy Systems Inc. (ViZn), a leading provider of zinc and iron chemistry-based flow battery energy storage systems for utilities and microgrids, and The Ryan Company (an operating unit of Quanta Services, NYSE: PWR) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at solar+battery storage integration for owners of utility and commercial scale solar installations. Bloomberg New Energy Finance projects the solar+storage sector to grow exponentially and receive $250 billion of total investment by 2040.

“The Ryan Company has a deep background in both solar EPC integration and complex electrical infrastructure improvements across the United States,” said David Mintzer, Vice President of Business Development at ViZn Energy. “We seek partners who are first class EPCs and have the engineering expertise to integrate our zinc redox flow batteries into multifaceted projects where our system will be expected to perform stacked applications and deliver significant ROI over its 20-year lifespan.”

The Ryan Company, a wholly owned Quanta Services subsidiary, is a top-tier electrical EPC company with over 700MW of installed solar projects and numerous references in the electrical infrastructure space including: frequency regulation, substation/transformer installation, and public-sector electrical upgrades.

ViZn Energy’s flow battery systems are capable of performing both high-power and long-duration duties while also offering low O&M, which enables utilities, C&I customers, and other end users to stack applications and incorporate multiple value streams. ViZn’s systems have an expected lifespan of 20 years, which is twice (or more) that of the average large scale lithium-ion storage system, they do not suffer from capacity fade or require cell replacements, and they have access to 100% of their state-of-charge and do not require a 20% or higher discharge threshold.

“ViZn has a highly scalable, robust technology that can provide multiple lines of value for intermittent renewable assets,” said Bill Hargett, Director of Business Development at The Ryan Company.

“We believe that solar power producers are increasingly looking for ways to provide a more dynamic and flexible dispatch profile to the grid, and ViZn Energy has the product and ability to make this happen.”

Within the strategic partnership, The Ryan Company and ViZn will provide a comprehensive battery storage system for utility solar power plants that seek improved economics based on ViZn Energy’s capacity to address load shifting and fast frequency response power management services. Both ViZn Energy and The Ryan Company will be exhibiting at Solar Power International in Las Vegas September 12-15.

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